Keyword: DOLCE

Reexamining Fiat, Bona Fide and Force Dynamic Boundaries for Geopolitical Entities and their Placement in DOLCE

Edward Heath Robinson Applied Ontology 2012 7: pp. 93–108 Link to Full Text The purpose of this article is to reexamine the ontology of geopolitical boundaries so that they can be better represented in ontologies designed for the semantic web. Previous work on this subject has divided geopolitical boundaries into fiat, bona fide, and force […]

A Theory of Social Agentivity and its Integration into the Descriptive Ontology for Linguistic and Cognitive Engineering

Edward Heath Robinson International Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems 2011 7(4): pp. 62–86 Link to Full Text The agentivity of social entities has posed problems for ontologies of social phenomena, especially in the Descriptive Ontology for Linguistic and Cognitive Engineering (DOLCE) designed for use in the semantic web. This article elucidates a theory by which physical […]

An Ontological Analysis of States: Organizations vs. Legal Persons

Edward Heath Robinson Applied Ontology 2010 5: pp. 109–125 Link to Full Text The purpose of this paper is to argue states are not organizations, but rather the objective legal persons of international law. The ontological similarities and differences between states and organizations are examined, but, by drawing upon literature in political geography and international law, ultimately shows […]