Keyword: international law

The Distinction Between State and Government

Edward Heath Robinson The Geography Compass 2013 7(8): pp. 556-566 Link to Full Text The terms “state” and “government” are often used interchangeably in political discourse, but they can also refer to very different entities. In political geography, a distinction between the two is often not made, or made weakly. Thus, this article reviews how […]

The Involuntary Extinction of States: An Examination of the Destruction of States though the Application of Military Force by Foreign Powers since the Second World War

Edward Heath Robinson The Journal of Military Geography 2011 1: pp. 17–29 Link to Full Text Political theorists often consider how states are created, but how they come to be extinguished is considered far less often. The purpose of this paper is to examine under what circumstances a state can be extinguished through the application of […]

An Ontological Analysis of States: Organizations vs. Legal Persons

Edward Heath Robinson Applied Ontology 2010 5: pp. 109–125 Link to Full Text The purpose of this paper is to argue states are not organizations, but rather the objective legal persons of international law. The ontological similarities and differences between states and organizations are examined, but, by drawing upon literature in political geography and international law, ultimately shows […]