Keyword: political geography

An Ontological Analysis of States: Organizations vs. Legal Persons

Edward Heath Robinson Applied Ontology 2010 5: pp. 109–125 Link to Full Text The purpose of this paper is to argue states are not organizations, but rather the objective legal persons of international law. The ontological similarities and differences between states and organizations are examined, but, by drawing upon literature in political geography and international law, ultimately shows […]

Research on the Political Geography of the South, 1980 – 2005

Gerald R. Webster, Jerrod Bowman, Daniel McGowin, and Heath Robinson The Southeastern Geographer 2007 47(1): pp. 1–12 Link to Full Text The American South has undergone tremendous change in the past quarter century. No where is this change more apparent than on the region’s political landscape. Today minority voters are participating at all levels in the South’s political processes. The region […]